Things to Consider When Making a Cake

Make sure all the ingredients are fresh.  It’s a good idea to set out all the ingredients in the beginning. That way, you don’t end up with a half-mixed batter only to realize you are out of eggs. An unplanned trip to the store (or the neighbor’s house) just might sour you on the whole baking experience.  Next, choose cake flour to increase the lightness of a cake or a whole wheat flour to increase the density of a cake. The kind of sugar you use can also make or break a cake. When you begin frosting the cake, it can be fun to add sprinkles or other decorations.  You’ll also need eggs, baking powder, butter and some good-sized pans to bake the cake in. Butter will grease the pans so the cake slides out, and the fat in the butter will meld with the sugar to make a cake that almost melts in your mouth.  The butter will need to be room temperature so that it can be creamed easily.  White sugar will make for a very light and airy cake, but for a cake with depth of flavor and texture, choose brown sugar. Chocolate cakes are especially good when made with brown sugar, as the molasses taste of the brown sugar deepens the chocolate goodness.


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